At Pro-Perform Spinal Health & Rehab, we are committed to the highest quality of patient care and take immense pride in our work. We understand that choosing a healthcare provider is a very important decision. As your chiropractor, we can evaluate and treat most of your neuromusculoskeletal conditions and can decide when further testing or referrals are necessary.

Our greatest sense of satisfaction is realized when we are able to share in our patient’s full recovery. We are proficient in various soft tissue techniques, skilled in active/passive rehab modalities, compassionate, and personable. When asked what’s most important to Dr. Scott, he says, “To provide comprehensive world-class treatment and rehabilitation to every single patient that walks through my doors.”, the online patient satisfaction survey and physician rating website has named Dr. Scott as one of the nation’s top doctors, with a patient satisfaction score of 9.83 out of 10. Please visit for more information on this prestigious recognition.

Thank you for trusting us as your chiropractic provider. We welcome you to our practice and look forward to providing you with the care you deserve for now and for years to come.